Micro Aerial Projects uses and is proud to be a reseller of GeoID’s Virtual Surveyor software.

Micro Aerial Projects uses and is a reseller for Virtual Surveyor

Working with unmanned systems and experiencing major issues with data volumes and information extraction? Then Virtual Surveyor is something for you. Fast visualisation, volume measurements and survey tools in a virtual environment built from unmanned systems.

Efficiently perform your survey work from drones

Virtual Surveyor is GeoID’s solution to handle large volumes of data that come with UAV TrueOrthophotos and elevation models by bringing them together in a virtual environment:

  • Fast visualisation
  • Drawing breaklines and reference points in a 3D environment
  • Perform volume analysis
  • Realtime calculation of elevation contour lines, slopes and slope directions
  • Direct export to CAD & GIS
Measure virtually as a surveyor works in the field

Virtual Surveyor measures vertically

Surveyors scan the terrain they want to measure and search for lines and specific points that allows them to describe the topography. These lines and points are well chosen and this process is very difficult to automate. With Virtual Surveyor you can execute this process in a virtual environment. In this way you can use your surveyor expertise and choose the points and lines that best describe the topography.

Volume analysis

Virtual Surveyor Volume Analysis

Virtual Surveyor allows you to use all points in a UAV elevation model to perform a volume calculation. You delineate the area of which you want to determine the volume and the software performs an accurate calculation in a fast way. You can also calculate volume differences incorporating all the data points available if you have UAV elevation models acquired at different times available.

Export to CAD & GIS

Virtual Surveyor exports to CAD and GIS

Virtual Surveyor allows you to structure your points, polyline and polygon in layers. All your survey work can be exported directly to CAD and GIS file with the ability to create profile directly from any polyline.

Fast visualisation

UAV TrueOrthophotos and elevation models are large files that impose specific requirements on your software and hardware. Virtual Surveyor handles visualization in such a way that any file size or resolution is handled in an efficient way. You will get a seamless navigation through your terrain. Virtual Surveyor uses the TerraExplorer visualization engine to achieve this fast visualization.

 Examples of products created using Virtual Surveyor


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