Micro Aerial Projects is a proud user and reseller of these great products:


The V-Map precise aerial mapping system developed and used by Micro Aerial Projects

~ a precise, lightweight and platform independent product, the V-Map System is an affordable and precise GPS solution for UAV trajectories, camera exposures and conventional ground surveys

V-Map uav platform independent, precise aerial mapping system, a product developed by Micro Aerial Projects




~ portable, field repairable and affordable uav platforms, our preferred product on the uas market


SteadiDrone QU4D X



Agisoft PhotoScan Pro

~ our preferred product for authoring professional GIS 3D content

Micro Aerial Projects uses and is a reseller of the excellent Agisoft 3D Modeling and Mapping software product

Micro Aerial Projects uses and is a reseller of Agisoft PhotoScan 3D modeling and Mapping software


Virtual Surveyor

~ our preferred product for fast visualisation, volume measurements and survey tools in a virtual environment built from unmanned systems


Micro Aerial Projects uses and is a reseller for Virtual Surveyor

Follow the links to learn more about these products.  contact us for further information or to order.

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