Geospatial Services and Solutions anywhere in the world with Micro Aerial Projects and the V-Map System.

Micro Aerial Projects uses small uavs and the v-map precise aerial mapping system in providing geospatial solutions

Using the latest in small, safe, easily transportable and field repairable, cost effective UAV technology and appropriate software, we offer quality services and solutions including but not limited to:

high resolution aerial photography and video

aerial inspections to your chosen level of detail

safe, low altitude aerial surveying

  high resolution mapping and orthoimagery

highly accurate and detailed topographic land surveys

real time data acquisition which can be integrated into GIS

3D digital surface models

property, real estate and urban planning services

international development services with citizen engagement and community engagement

land administration

resettlement action plans

infrastructure and asset management inspections and monitoring

surveying, mapping, monitoring and inspection services for the mining industry

volume calculations

agricultural inspections and monitoring

environmental inspections and monitoring

post-disaster inspections for recovery assessments and insurance purposes

infrastructure and industrial inspections

energy infrastructure inspections such as solar panel, wind turbine and powerline inspections

transportation infrastructure inspections such as roads and highways, canals, bridges, harbors

road planning

communications infrastructure inspections, fiber optic cable installations

cell phone tower inspections, cell phone antenna cluster inspections

construction site monitoring and contract supervision

Walter Volkmann of Micro Aerial Projects demonstrating uav use in development in Beninphoto centers above a 3D model, created by Micro Aerial Projects using the v-map system

Contact us for more information about our quality services.  We can help you with our precise operations, whether for immediate projects or for your time based, repeatable inspections and monitoring anywhere in the world.  Our uav services give you rapid desktop analysis, facilitating time and cost savings decision making in your operations.




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